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L.O.L .

In  his debut anthology, Charlie Nitric takes the reader on a roller coaster of experiences. 

If you’ve never given short stories a try before, this is definitely a great place to get started.  Rich in excitement, each short story is jam-packed with entertainment that will keep you highly amused and eager to jump into the next. 

From rodents to dentures to divorces, every reader is bound to fall in love with the tales in this book.



 A Mother Whispers Goodnight


In his Mother’s Day tribute, Charlie Nitric shares the fictional world of a mother and her undying love for her infant son who is on death’s doorstep. This is a story of hope, inspiration, faith, and a power greater than ourselves.  Nitric’s tale demonstrates how this incredible power exists within us all and for the most part, remains untapped throughout our lives.  Although the story is fictionalized, many of the details are based on real life experiences of someone Nitric knows.  So, enjoy the story, become inspired, and share it with loved ones across the globe. 

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If you liked LOL, you’re going to love LMAO!


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Charlie Nitric is the father of two fantastic boys.  Still very much himself a kid at heart, he is constantly observing the world around him.  Then, with the incredible imagination of a child, he plays with those experiences until the unimaginable becomes the imaginable for his readers.

Through his blog, Nitric entertains countless online readers with his storytelling ability.  From a good, hearty laughing fest to crying out in anticipation, readers can’t help but become completely mesmerized with whatever he puts before them.

With writing that is astonishingly relatable (even when it is totally and completely implausible), he always manages to illicit some emotion or another.  Whether that emotion is inspiration, frustration, or simply joy, Nitric’s constant goal is to have his readers feel right along with him.

“Strive each day towards your own joy,” Nitric writes to his blog readers, encouraging them to be grateful each day for what they have in their lives.  His writing is proof that if you take in all the experiences around you and simply let yourself smile about them, life truly is an enjoyable ride.


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“Had me laughing out loud!! Hands down the best short stories I have read in a while! Can’t wait to read more from you Charlie Nitric!!”  ~Brooke D.

“A compilation of short stories that will make you laugh, cry and cringe…L.O.L. has something for every reader.”  ~Jen F.

“A pleasantly hilarious read and well worth the money.”  ~Lanie M.

“Charlie Nitric writes…in a language the average reader can understand, which is refreshing in the literary world.”  ~Meryl S.

“Filled with an assorted array of humorous and warm-hearted anecdotes from Charlie Nitric, “LOL” gives readers a honest look at feelings and emotions such as hope, love, frustration, embarrassment and overall, a good opportunity to laugh.  Well worth a read!”  ~Ana H.


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